Jen Roberts

Jen Roberts Freelance Writer



As a freelance writer, Jen uses her love of storytelling and her background in research to write on a variety of topics including travel, arts and culture, education, and local and global social issues.



Jen has over 15 years experience as a professional writer and an educator. In 2018, she decided to leave her job as an assistant professor to write full-time. Her work can be found online, in magazine and newspaper publications, and in academic journals.



Jen Roberts is both intelligent and thoughtful (they don’t always coincide), and she brings a warm enthusiasm to any assignment—then proceeds to make it as interesting for the reader as it is for her. Her copy is so clean, you could make a detergent commercial with it—yet it’s never sterile, always rich with description and lively quotes. Jen’s sources enjoy being interviewed by her. And she meets deadlines with such determination, I’ve known her to finish a piece in a cafe in Ecuador.
— Jeannette Cooperman, Writer & Editor